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The Team

Organizing a seminar is burdensome when you are doing it alone.  You do not have to wear yourself out when you can experience the joy of doing it along with your capable and trustworthy friends who love the Lord and the youth so much and with whom you have already built a relationship.

If this is the first time that a GYMN seminar is coming to your area, work with the youth in your church/organization and invite other outsiders as well. If you already have an existing, working relationship with other churches or Christian organizations, invite those who have the same vision to join you.  Remember to recognize their contributions and the group they are representing when there are opportunities.

Graduates of Level I trainings are qualified to compose your organizing staff. In fact, a special time during the seminar should be designated for identifying people who will compose the organizing team for the next seminar. This could be done at lunchtime on the last two days. Provided below is a list of possible positions and their job descriptions that will need to be filled by members of your committee.  Feel free to simplify your committees, depending on your available resources.  One person can take one or more parts.

Earn the right to be heard by your pastor and your church.  They will be a big factor in motivating and supporting you and your staff with your endeavors.  A good working relationship is vital.

Positions and Descriptions

o   Registration

  • Enlists names and information about the participants, issues IDs and receipts.
  • Provides office supplies during seminars
  • Handles money, gives accounting to GYMN after the seminar (you may want to have two people at all times handle the money, this takes away any temptations).
  • Sees to it that books are ready before the seminar
  • Makes sure certificates are ready a day before the graduation.

o   Transportation

  • Makes arrangements for picking up the speakers from the airport  (boat/bus terminals) and for local traveling between housing and seminar location if needed.

o   Accommodation

  • Makes arrangements for housing for the speakers and participants.
  • Designates ushers & usherettes on the first day of the seminar so participants know where facilities, food, etc…. are located.

o   Communications & Promotions

  • Designs and produces brochures and banners/streamers.
  • Makes letters to the churches/organizations.
  • Designates groups or individuals for visitations and promotion.

o   Food

  • Makes arrangements for meals during the seminars for the speakers.
  • Makes arrangements for food preparations in cases of in house seminars.

o   Program

  • Coordinates with the speakers as to the schedule of sessions.
  • Coordinates with praise and worship teams or musicians.
  • In-charge of other events (ie. Graduation, games, free time activities, etc).

o   Canteen/Snack Shop

  • Gives account to the seminar with its income and expenses.
  • Provides snacks to the speakers during break time.

o   Documentation

  • Captures special moments of the seminars by taking pictures and/or videos.
  • Provides copies upon request of the participants.
  • Assists GYMN with inputting student information for follow up materials.

o   Translator (if needed)

  • Must be available at all times
  • Must have translated the materials 3 months before the training.
  • Must have reviewed the teacher versions of the translated notes and met with the trainers to ask for any clarifications needed.

Following up on assignments and keeping a checklist is essential.  It motivates your staff and gives them sense of accountability.  It keeps you on track as well.  You can keep a seminar-checklist for yourself and your group.

Keep in mind:

  • Have fun as you work. Allow for minor mistakes.
  • Affirm sincerely. Say thank you a lot.
  • In all that you do and say, remember that you are influencing somebody.