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The Invitations

As you advertise the Seminar in your area… GYMN will require that:

1. those attending are:

  • leaders who have been appointed to lead a youth ministry in their church
  • pastors who want to understand youth ministry, and work alongside with their youth leaders
  • denominational leadership (national, district and regional leaders)
  • youth leaders from different Christian organizations, such as CCC, YWAM, Navigators, PSALM, IVCF, etc.
  • youth advisers,consultants or members of a youth leadership committee/leadership team
  • prospective youth leaders properly recommended by the church leadership

2. the minimum participants for:

  • level 1 is 50.
  • level 2 is 20.

trainings under the minimum required number may be cancelled by GYMN. And there will be less of an incentive for GYMN to return to your location in the future.


  • Word of mouth – the best person to promote a product is the one who believes in it!
  • Personal letters – it is important to inform, invite and endorse the seminar to the youth pastors and pastors of the churches in your area before following up on any of their personnel or members to come to the training. This avoids miscommunication and encourages support from the churches.
  • Personal calls
  • Promotional brochures
  • Local or regional network or denominational meetings, some hosts have even sponsored a luncheon for local pastors and leaders to promote through them
  • Christian colleges
  • Church secretary – give her the seminar details and ask her to inform callers about it.
  • Local Christian bookstores

For a Level 2 training, the GYMN office can send letters of invitation to other Level 1 graduates in your area. But you need to follow-up that at least 20 are coming.