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Financial Matters

GYMN believes, as one of its core values, in financial integrity and partial financial investment by those who are receiving the training. Therefore, we will be above reproach in all financial matters by keeping records and by being open to any and all financial inquiries.

GYMN will cover all of the costs for the trainers who will arrive in the country (this is for outside the country trainers). All in country travel should be provided through the seminar fees; if the trainer comes from in country, a travel honorarium would be helpful.

All other expenses should be covered by the seminars either through the payment made by the participants, or through other outside means.  This encourages a small investment from the participants in the seminar.


Many groups will figure their expenses based upon a large number of participants and find themselves in budget problems at the end if a low turn out occurs. GYMN cannot cover for any deficits. One way to help in avoiding this is to plan on a lower number of participants as you budget, but provide for more participants.

Example. If you print 75 notebooks and only 50 show up, who is paying for the other notebooks? One way to do this is still print the 75 notebooks, but plan on only 50 attending. This way if only 50 come, you have covered the expenses, but if more come you have extra. This principal works with all expenses. When you figure your total costs, DIVIDE ALL THE EXPENSES BY THE LOWER NUMBER (50 in this example).

Being realistic in your number here is important. This will do two things:

  1. It will make the seminar a little more expensive.
  2. It will ensure that you DO NOT HAVE A DEFICIT! You may even come out with a surplus. Which can be donated to GYMN for future trainings or can be given back to students in cash through a party the last night.



  • Books –    which should be printed locally from a master copy provided by GYMN (either mailed or e-mailed to you).
  • Venue/location rental
  • Promotion – a form/brochure, banner/streamers, letters, visitations
  • Communication – email, phone conversations with GYMN’s office, and with churches/organizations
  • Office supplies – for registrations, and during the seminar
  • In country expenses of the speakers – includes transportation, food and housing
  • Speakers honorarium – all GYMN staff will donate the honorarium back to GYMN local expenses, since they receive a salary from GYMN.
  • ID’s/Name tags
  • Certificates


  • Food (some groups find that they can attract more people, if the food is not included in the fee). You can still provide local food on location for sale or provide maps/locations for local food.
  • Housing (again most groups offer local housing, but do not include this in the fee. This keeps the fees lower.)
  • Retreat & evaluation – for those who helped in the seminar.  A good way also of planning for a continuous network within each other. This should be planned with 2 weeks of the trainings.
  • Documentation
  • Translator’s fee – if a translator is needed. An appropriate fee should be paid to them. Quality translators are required. Do not let all of your work be lost in poor translations. This will only frustrate the trainers and participants. It is also best if two translators are available, because this is very difficult work and it too hard for someone to translate for 8-10 hours in the day. Translators should also be available during free times and evenings for the guest speakers, so that they can minister at all times!
  • We will always be glad to hear from you in cases of financial concerns. However GYMN is a faith ministry and we are investing by paying our staff.
  • A budget sample may be available from local GYMN staff, if seminars have been held in your country before.

We require you to provide GYMN an Income/Expense Financial Report upon completion of the seminar. If requested, receipts of all income and expenses must be available!

(This will help offset expenses to keep the fee lower for more participants.)

  1. Put up a small snack shop/canteen financed by the seminar.  Consignment basis is practical, so that you do not over invest in food that does not sell.
  2. Invite Book Tables from Christian stores or ministries.  They in turn give minimal amount to the seminar for the privilege of selling items on location.
  3. Sponsorship. Find people who are willing to shoulder the fee of those who desire to come but can’t afford to. A report/thank you should be provided to the sponsor.
  4. ‘ 1 hour photo’. Orders of pictures taken during the training can also produce some amount. Have a photographer take a picture, but charge him a fee.