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Over one half of the worlds population is under the age of 25. With this massive amount of young people, comes an increased need for reaching them more strategically. This is the very heartbeat of Global Youth Ministry Network. How? By equipping youth leaders internationally. And this includes you!!

By hosting a seminar, you are allowing the training to begin with you and your team. It is a strategic opportunity for you to discover and enhance your leadership skills and that of others who will
be working along side you. It is also a meaningful experience of building team relationship by encouraging, serving and spurring one another on to prayer, vision and faith.

More than anyone else, you are the best person for this because you know your setting, your people and their ministry needs. As surely as GYMN believes in your innovative and creative ideas as you brainstorm, explore and plan, we also want you to be properly guided by GYMN’s general guidelines for hosting seminars that are outlined below. Stay in touch with us through email or telephone conversations as much as possible.

Ideally, 6 months of preparation is needed especially if this is your first time to host. This of course varies from year to year as your network of leaders gets stronger. If you have paid careful
attention to everything including minor details then your hard work will pay off productively!!

Here are the guidelines if you are interested to host:

The Invitations

The Schedule

The Venue

Financial Matters

The Team

GYMN Trainers