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Links 15

Articles, infographics and other stuff that might help you as you lead the youth. The Power of Camp – Adam Mclane shows in this infographic how camp can change lives. If you want to know more about the Hunger Games, which has caught the interest of many teens and has a movie coming out, here’s [...]

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It’s been some time since I did this, but I was trying to recall a source for an article, looked at past posts and voila! there it was in the links. Anyway, here are things that might help you in your ministry:

Links 12

Recommended resource for the youth worker… just a click away.

Camp Resources

For many youth workers in Asia, summer season means a youth camp. Here are some good articles to look at if this means you. Before the Camp: Youth Camps–Tradition or Life Change? – Some basics of a camp. Organizing Camps and Retreats – (in Tagalog) Here’s one for the Filipino youth worker. 71 Fundraising Ideas [...]

The Cities within the City

Metro Manila, also known as the National Capital Region or NCR, is the most densely populated region of the Philippines (having a population of 11,553,427 in a 2007 census). It is also a bunch of cities within a city, having no provinces, instead being subdivided into 16 cities and one municipality as seen below: In [...]

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Here are some links for the youth worker.

Next Generation Leader: The Character Principle

A book that has greatly influenced my ministry is “The Next Generation Leader” by Andy Stanley. This book was first published 6 years ago yet the principles are very much applicable for those who work with the youth today. So I’m going through these principles as well as including some thoughts on how this can [...]

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Great reads to fuel the youth worker in you.

Youth Across Asia 2

Where the youth are, as glimpsed on the world wide web. Young Muslims turn to technology to connect, challenge traditions – found via YPulse In South Korea Youth unemployment is at decade-high level & Korean Youth Study Longest Hours in OECD Pakistani Taliban prey on youth to bolster forces – one blog puts the estimated [...]

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Articles on the Internet pertaining to youth and youth ministry.