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What The Start of a Training Looks Like

If you haven’t been to one, allow our trainer to show you a glimpse. From the outside: …through the halls: …and in the lecture area:

Awake To Protect

This is a post from Arfaith Miranda from Cebu, Philippines who tries to live out the principle of meeting youth where they are. “Nganong mata paman ka Paul?” I asked. “Kay magbantay nila,” he replied gently. (“Why are you still awake Paul?” I asked. “To protect them.” he replied…) These were the stunning words I [...]

5 Ways To Avoid Conflict With Parents

Since it’s Buwan ng Wika in the Philippines, I thought you might enjoy this Tagalog post by Jon Singua (There’s a translation at the bottom if you’re not a Tagalog reader). Jon is one of our GYMN grads, he’s got a great heart for youth and is himself a parent of a teen.  Ilang paraan [...]

Striking The Balance With Parents

We’ve said it since that first day of our training: making parents our partners is crucial to our youth ministry strategy. That does not mean we abandon our role as youth workers but it rather means adjusting and making sure that our ministry is working alongside and not against the role of parents. In this [...]

The Portal

Linking youth to Christ—that’s Portal in a phrase. Starting with Word of Hope’s Youth Ministry, our Saturdays mean crowds and crowds of people from High School to College. You can imagine the atmosphere: teen spirit, energy, talent and passion. Realizing how much Youth Alive teems with artistic kids and how undermined they were, we sympathized [...]

A Seminar on Love and Waiting in July

The young people of today are exposed to problems resulting from too early romantic relationships. An example of this is the alarming increase in the incidents of teen pregnancies every year. According to a report by the United Nation Population Fund Agency, the rate of teen pregnancies in the Philippines increased by 70% in the [...]

One Life

Here’s a letter from a youth leader in the Philippines now serving the Lord far from home. She’s the rightmost lady in the picture above. This was written to encourage students who took our training this summer but I hope it encourages you as well. Jaimashi!!!! Greetings in Jesus Name all the way from Nepal! For those [...]

You Have No Idea

Here is a testimony coming from Jomesh, director of GYMN-Nepal trainings. This is for three of our trainers in particular but I’d like to share this as an encouragement to all who are working with youth leaders. We really don’t know how far God can use our efforts. Thank you Ghie, Herman and Eric for [...]

The View from The Seats

I used to take the farthest seat in the auditorium. Unless I was tricked by my cousin from the church’s choir, chances for me to attend the youth ministry were slim to none. Youth Alive sounded like an organization you have in school. When I was invited to come, I imagined that it was a [...]

Youth Work in the Philippines: The First BIG Event

It’s got to be a Big Event for our youth group every last Sunday of the month. At this time, it is the only special event existing in our youth group.