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Here’s what people have been saying:

One of the best tools available for us today. Our young people are not just the hope of the church in the future but they are actually an asset now. I can’t imagine our church without them. Thanks to GYMN who helped us maximize the potential of our youth. ~Rev. Ildefonso Alfafara, President, Baptist Conference of the Philippines


It will change the way I handle youth ministry in our church and youth ministerial fellowship. ~ E.R.Villagomez, CANICEF Youth Chairman, Camarines Norte


The seminar… is a “REVOLUTIONARY” guide for youth leaders/ministries founded on the very way the Lord did ministry on earth. ~ G.V. Aquino, Lord Jesus Our Redeemer Church, National Youth Pastor


The lessons provided me a good background on how to effectively accomplish the whole youth ministry. ~ Ronald Molmisa, Head Pastor of Generation 3:16 Ministries and Executive Staff of the National Youth Commission of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Church (PCEC)


The GYMN lessons became part of the foundational principles in Bradford Church’s growing Youth Ministry (reaching 200+ youth per week) and revolutionized the way we do youth works. The GYMN training is truly a MUST for those Christian youth leaders who are intentional and passionate in reaching out young people. You don’t have to be a Seminary graduate to effectively minister to teens, just be a GYMN Seminar graduate. ~Rev. Macky Sabayle, Bradford Church Senior Pastor (Previously the Youth Pastor)


I thank the Lord for the ministry of GYMN. You will save us a lot of work by providing us with a good structure. Pinadali nyo ang trabaho ng mga youth workers! ~ Sonia Andrada, Youth Worker, Evangelical Free Church, Metro Manila


Biblical Principles, New Generation Approach, Affordable Materials… Clear emphasis on the purpose of GYMN, Good, excellent illustrations. ~ Ronie Moncada, Pastor, Community Baptist Church, Vincenzo Sagun, Zamboanga del Sur


The seminar helped us to rethink our goals and see our current youth program in church in the light of what we need to be doing to glorify God. The discipline of goal setting for myself and for our group… will go a long way even as I trust the Lord will direct us to enhance the youth ministry of our church. ~ Daniel C. Asuncion, Pastor, Natid-asan Christian Community Church, Malaybalay, Bukidnon


Many similarities in our approach to youthwork but GYMN makes it very systematic something that we lack. I recommend this to our network of churches. ~ Arven Dela Cruz, LILOK Foundation, Quezon City


My perspective has increased regarding the scope of youth ministry. ~ Joseph Neil Bercero, Youth Pastor, Word of Hope, Quezon City


It has really helped me a lot as a young minister of God serving more than 150 young people. I really thank God that through the seminars I was able to have new concepts and new methods to reach young people. It is not so much the program, but the passion that the Lord lays upon my heart and how the seminar has created the passion. ~ Herman Dionson, Youth Pastor, Immanuel Fellowship, Cebu City


This training is one of the best training. I believe our youth ministry will grow very soon. GYMN method is very good method for youth ministry. ~ John Khong Khin, Church of Christ, Myanmar


It gave me knowledge, new ideas, goals and I believe it will help me as I will practice or use that knowledge. ~ Suvendu Bairagee, Kolkata, India


I am now more equipped and know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and why to do it! ~ Palmira Faure, Grace & Peace Church, Seychelles Island


This seminar has enabled me to widen my vision for youth ministry.  It enabled me to think more practically and objectively concerning youth and how to meet their needs.  The overall impact of this seminar is that my enthusiasm for youth ministry has increased greatly! ~Moses Kimani, Kitale, Kenya


The ideas are new and creative. I have never heard of anything like this and I am glad to know that a ministry already exists which is preoccupied and working for the youth.” ~ Elizabeth Leon de Santillana, Mexico City, Mexico


The Lord touched my heart through the seminar and put into my heart a burning for the youths and to meet them where they are. I learned also how to plan and organize my youth in the church. ~ Daniel Camacho Senzano, Santa Cruz, Bolivia