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Global Youth Ministry Network exists to equip Christian youth leaders internationally through long-term partnerships by providing seminars and seminar follow up (advanced trainings and resources).  In addition, GYMN develops and supplies national trainers who are able to spread the training worldwide.

What We Do:

  1. Seminars: Take the resources of trained youth leaders to churches and organizations worldwide to conduct seminars on biblical youth ministry principles.
  2. Seminar Follow Up: GYMN provides a follow up strategy for all of those involved in Level 1 training, including Youth Connections training newsletters, Level 2 training and access to additional youth ministry resources.
  3. Supply National Trainers: GYMN provides a method to develop national leaders within churches and organizations to become certified trainers in order to multiply training throughout a country.
  4. Spread Training Worldwide: Through this team of trainers we can multiply the resources and training around the world.

GYMN consists of over 10 staff and 100 volunteers, predominately nationals, who operate from hub offices in USA, Kenya and the Philippines.

What We Teach:

The seminar materials are presented in a Biblical principle format, with small group discovery times for the leaders to set goals that apply to their individual culture and church setting. A plan is established showing how each participant will go about implementing their strategy. The seminar is best run through a four-day format, but is adaptable to meet individual needs. Seminars include times of worship in addition to the seminar sessions.

Level 1

  1. Need for Ministry to Teens and Youth
  2. Great Commission of Youth Ministry
  3. Planning
  4. Meeting Youth Where They Are
  5. Youth Evangelism
  6. Fellowship
  7. Growth
  8. Ministry and Leadership
  9. Multiplication
  10. Role of Family
  11. Leadership Team Development
  12. Prioritizing and Evaluation
  13. Working Together in His Mission

Level 2

  1. Review
  2. Creating a Purposeful Youth Ministry
  3. Evaluating our Ministries
  4. Prioritizing and Planning
  5. Bible Study Methods:  Overview and Laboratory
  6. Teaching Process:  Communicating God’s Truth
  7. The Internal Life of the Christian Leader
  8. Creating and Building a Ministry Team
  9. Understanding Teenagers, Youth and Young Adults
  10. Designing Events for Youth

Leadership Summit
By invitation only. This is a shorter seminar that is designed to certify those who have been through Level 1 and 2 and who have been role model youth leaders that have the gift of teaching. The purpose of the Leadership Summit is to allow these leaders to train other youth leaders in future seminars.