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Halloween and Spiritual Resources

At the local mall, we passed by a demon and a witch escorted us up the elevator. Okay, they were really ordinary people dressed up in costumes to the holiday theme known worldwide as Halloween. For some, this holiday celebration is quaint and almost harmless, while for others it is disturbing and needs to be opposed. Wherever you are on that spectrum though, spiritual warfare is a reality.

In Southeast Asia, the less urban the locale the more likely one will hear of spiritual encounters and many people in this region often take such things for granted. That being the case, there is a need for and a lack of practical resources for how one would deal with this in the youth ministry context, especially for Asia.

This reminded that we actually had one session in our Level 1 seminars “Cults and Occults” that we used to teach regularly. Past tense, since it no longer part of our basic curriculum. However, I still have the slides and I’d like to offer them as a resource to anyone who would find it useful:

Youth and Cults








If you’re in the Philippines, here’s one resource on Halloween by Ronald Molmisa a.k.a. Big Brother.

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