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Here’s an article from Chris Davis that is a good reminder for the year gone by and for the year ahead. This is also part of the Youth Connection articles that we give to youth leaders.

The older I get the more I realize that there are few things that last. One area that deteriorates over time is our physical abilities. It is hard for me to grasp that I am not as fast and as able to run long distances as in the past. Is this not true of all sports figures? Today they are heroes receiving the boasting and accolades of others and in a few years they are considered “yesterday’s news”. But, the one person that I can be assured is fully able and worthy of our full adoration, praise, shouts and worship is our Lord, God, Jehovah (the self-existing one).

I was recently reminded of this real truth from Scriptures. Psalm 20:7 states,

“Some boast in chariots, and some in horses; But we will boast in the name of the Lord, our God.”

I have to be honest and say, that although I have come a long way in my worship expression, there are times that I scream louder for my favorite sports team than for my Lord.

This passage challenged me at an intimate level, to ask myself how much am I really trusting the Lord (some versions use the word trust) and how much am I boasting in the Lord?

First, we need to think about who “the Lord” is. This word in the Hebrew for Lord is Jehovah, the self-existing one. We get to boast in the one who needs no one. Even though that sounds a little self-centered, I want to stand on, walk with and be led by one who is not changing and does not need to talk to others to get His instructions. We know, but easily forget that He is the ALL-POWERFUL; not just in the Old Testament and the New Testament, but in our very lives and ministries.

May I ask you the same questions I have been asking myself? How loudly and how often do I boast in the name of the Lord? Are there things in my life that I put too much trust in?

(Take time on this one, as our first response is no, but as we let the Lord look at our heart and motivations we may see something else).

I know for me, as I reflected on these I was led to make a chart. The first column was a list I titled “Horses and Chariots”. Here I listed for me (make your own list): wisdom, experience, degrees, strategies, finances, health (physical and emotional), authority and control. These are the things that I can easily find myself trusting in if I am not careful. I may or may not be literally and verbally “boasting” in these, but my heart and actions may show that I trust these and speak of these more than I should.

The other column I made is in comparison and contrast to these as reactions and ways to improve on column one. I titled this group “God-Jehovah”: seek His guidance, remember His faithfulness, trust His leading, His provision, His leadership and His Sovereignty.

I challenge you to make your own chart in a time of reflection and solitude. Be a leader enough to ask the tough questions and face the good and not so good that surfaces through His Spirit. You may also find it helpful to talk this over with someone else who knows you well.

One aspect of being able to move ahead is to look back. It is very important for us to know who we are boasting about. One component of that boasting is based on remembering His past and very personal faithfulness in our lives. A healthy, humble stroll with God through the museum halls of our life to date with Him will remind us of the incredible victories in our life.

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