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“Let us pray,” goes a song by Steven Curtis Chapman, and that’s what GYMN’s network has been doing this day: In the office, there was worship to God through song, in fasting, in reflections through Scripture (some of which I’ll post here through the week) and in testimonies. But there was mostly times of prayer. [...]

A Word on Prayer: On Earth As In Heaven

…your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10 To hear – This part of the prayer that Christ was teaching his disciples dwells on the need for believers to review and take heed of the commands, desires, requests, purpose and intentions of God for themselves and the [...]

A Day of Prayer

We invite you to join us next Monday as we seek God’s heart in prayer for GYMN-Asia this year. You can join us wherever you are that day. But if you are geographically near to our Asia Office, consider coming to our location for corporate prayer. The event will be from sunrise to sunset but [...]

Schedule of Trainings

On our website we have a calendar of when trainings for GYMN-Asia will occur for the year. http://www.gymn-asia.net/schedule/ If you’re planning to host a training, use the calendar to check if the dates are available. If you’re a trainer, check the schedule to see what trainings you can join. If you’re a youth leader who [...]

From Bible Study to Shirt Design

Last week, I tried to turn some Bible college students into shirt designers. Ethel and I went to Bethel Bible College in Valenzuela City, Philippines last Thursday where Rey is holding a class that incorporates the GYMN Level 1 Strategy Seminar. This was the day I guest-lectured on the principles of growth in the Christian [...]

Updated Resources

I’ve updated the resource section of our blog. You can now download from there all 6 issues of the Youth Connections we produced last year. Check out articles on: The Need for Rest in Youth Ministry Overcoming Opposition Being Servant Leaders How We Should Boast …as well as other leadership resources from way back.

Cool Thought

The GYMN Level 1 training in Baguio City was a blessing indeed. One post I wrote, describing the seminar we had, went this way, “I have been blessed with cool weather, cool people and cool inspiring moments.” I have been teaching the Level 1 material of GYMN for several years now and the participants would [...]

Boasting? (Part 2)

I am writing this article close to our Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. This holiday was set forth to give thanks to God for the harvest that He provided. I have also begun to institute a Sabbath day’s rest for my family and one thing we are starting to do is to each share one [...]


Here’s an article from Chris Davis that is a good reminder for the year gone by and for the year ahead. This is also part of the Youth Connection articles that we give to youth leaders. The older I get the more I realize that there are few things that last. One area that deteriorates [...]