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  • alvanman: Some recent findings: Adolescents think carefully about risks most adults wouldn't even consider (see...
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  • alvanman: Article related to this: “Children, argues Justin L. Barrett, are born receptive to the idea that...

Getting There, Step 3 — Get Personal with God

Both Moses and Joshua enjoyed a close relationship with God. Moses was one whom the Lord spoke to face-to-face (Deut. 34:10). God spoke to Joshua too. It was this close relationship with God that helped them out of many thorny situations. God speaks to us too. God communicates with us today in many ways—the Holy [...]

Getting There, Step 2 — Employ Strength and Courage

As we enter the places where we hope to implement our vision we face opposition. Going against the way things have always been is hard work. One guy who experienced this was Joshua. In the latter parts of the book of Deuteronomy and the beginning of the book of Joshua, there is one phrase that [...]

Getting There, Step 1 – Communicate It!

Ever had a big dream for youth ministry that you never got to implement?

In our seminars, students write down plans of action. They are charged up to begin working on their big goals. BUT, for some… many of these plans remain unfulfilled.

GYMN-Asia Updates

The GYMN-Asia website is back up. We have been down for the past week as the license on our website expired but thanks to one of our volunteers, Jon, it’s back to normal. Today the weathermen also announced Tropical Typhoon Basyang has left the country and won’t be back. Which is good news. Today will [...]