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The Heat

The last leg of our trip. Airplane floats down into the dusty tarmac. And we arrive into the hottest summer the country was having in recent history. It was supposed to be rainy season already but not a drop spilled from the sky. But I did enjoy most of the time there. It was the [...]

Glimpses of the Thailand Training

The Bangkok seminar, in pictures and phrases:

One Down

Greetings from sunny Thailand! A good friend told me this would be a totally different experience. But for me it almost looks like the Philippines (my native land). There are buses and taxis, jeepneys songtheaw, and even unfinished train stations. The climate though is a few degrees higher. Which means air conditioning here is more [...]

Interview with a Missionary

This is an interview with Lia Marie, who is 27 years young and a missionary to Thailand. She hails from Digos City, in the Philippines and is currently on furlough. Describe how you got involved with missions. It was most probably due to being involved in the Community Resource Center [or CRC, an organization working [...]

Mission Trip Resources

So, the other big summer event aside from a youth camp is the mission trip.  Here are a couple of resources you should check out: The Why’s: Missions and Your Youth Group – this is the first youth connection article I wrote. Change the World, Change your Kids – making mission trip a process rather [...]