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  • Anil Alexander: wonderful thoughts chris
  • alvanman: Some recent findings: Adolescents think carefully about risks most adults wouldn't even consider (see...
  • ptr frank: These are very helpful for youth leaders to understand better where non-christian parents come from when...
  • David Stanton: Thanks you for the advice. It was very helpful. ————&# 8212;David Stanton...
  • alvanman: Article related to this: “Children, argues Justin L. Barrett, are born receptive to the idea that...

GYMN-Asia Updates

The climate’s heating up and so are GYMN happenings. Here’s an update: We’ve just completed a training in Manila hosted by the PCEC-National Youth Commission. This took place over 3 Saturdays and was attended by 42 participants. More pictures over on our Facebook Page. We also have a new section available on this site, Resources, [...]

On the Youth Connection

I have a big announcement! It’s big for me, because it became a big part of my GYMN life. As I was thinking on how to announce it, I couldn’t help but remember the excitement I felt when I first received the Youth Connection newsletter in the postal mail. I felt special and felt somebody [...]

The Cities within the City

Metro Manila, also known as the National Capital Region or NCR, is the most densely populated region of the Philippines (having a population of 11,553,427 in a 2007 census). It is also a bunch of cities within a city, having no provinces, instead being subdivided into 16 cities and one municipality as seen below: In [...]

100-year Old Book in Our Library

The Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels is a book published in 1908 by Charles Scribner’s Sons. It is a compilation of topics discussed in the Gospels, with corresponding Hebrew and Greek interpretations. This 100-year old book found a home in the GYMN Library last December 2009 when a Pakistani friend donated it along with [...]