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Agapē in the Youth Group: The Focuser

Finally, agapē requires someone to draw people onward and inward. A new commandment I give to you, that you agapē one another… In the gospels, Jesus gave the commandment “Agapē one another” to his disciples only toward the end of his earthly ministry and in as simple a sentence as possible. One reason is that [...]

Agapē in the Youth Group: The Onward Focus

Agapē has an onward focus. One of the dangers of fellowship that leaders fear is that the youth within the group might get to like each other so much that they become unwelcoming of newcomers and make it hard for new youth to fit in. Growing groups into agapē does involve the danger of becoming [...]

Agapē in the Youth Group: The Inward Focus

There is an element that can make or break your youth ministry. I have seen it draw many a seeking youth into the group, and I know of two personally who left the youth group because this vital element was missing. Indeed it is this very quality in my youth group that made Christianity attractive [...]

It’s a BIG Story!

I have a big story to tell. It was a surprise for me. I was hoping to go to Myanmar when Ghie encouraged me to go to Nepal instead. Having heard about Nepal from Ghie and Jomesh and having seen beautiful pictures of it, I couldn’t be more excited. I felt butterflies in my stomach. [...]

Raising Nepal

As you probably know, GYMN-Asia recently conducted a training in Nepal in January. Here’s a post from Jik Romero, a pastor and trainer in the Philippines who went over to help train youth in Nepal. It’s pretty amazing how God would use me to work with Him in Nepal in sharing the burden of strengthening [...]