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  • alvanman: Some recent findings: Adolescents think carefully about risks most adults wouldn't even consider (see...
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The Need for Youth Ministry Training in Nepal

Nepal used to be the only Hindu kingdom in the world. But then two years back the Maoist-led government declared this country as a secular state which allowed every individual to practice their faith openly. The church growth in Nepal is as rapid as in other Asian countries. God is moving so mightily in this [...]

Teaching With Style, Part 3: The Merge

Now that you have understood the three basic learning styles and have seen some specific examples of the styles, you need to be able to look at your lesson aim and find ways to connect your teaching elements to the aim. You need to think about your aim and see what elements (or method of [...]

Teaching with Style, Part 2: The Students

This post is written by Chris Davis, GYMN Executive Director, as part of the YC which we hope will be of use in your ministry to the youth. Now that you know the target, you need to now take a close look at the students. You have to know your students in order to be [...]

Teaching With Style, Part 1: The Target

This post and the next two are written by Chris Davis, as part of the YC which we hope will be of use in your ministry to the youth. Youth are always into style. They want to be “in-style”, meaning they want to be whatever they think is current so they can connect to others [...]

Off to the Mountains

Hello all! First post of the year. Today three of our trainers are in Nepal and headed into the interior for a GYMN training there. Here’s a picture of Ghie, Net and Jik (left to right) just before they left the Philippines: Please remember them and those they will train in prayer. This week, January [...]