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  • Anil Alexander: wonderful thoughts chris
  • alvanman: Some recent findings: Adolescents think carefully about risks most adults wouldn't even consider (see...
  • ptr frank: These are very helpful for youth leaders to understand better where non-christian parents come from when...
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  • alvanman: Article related to this: “Children, argues Justin L. Barrett, are born receptive to the idea that...

Introducing the GYMN-Asia Christmas Catalog

Hey guys, December is fast approaching. Time to do the list for Christmas gifts, a good way to avoid Christmas rush and give you enough time to select quality and affordable gifts. Have you come to think of a gift that is something different from the usual stuff we buy in the malls? We would [...]

Finally… A Tagalog Translation of the GYMN Material

In Asia, the notebook materials we use in our trainings have been translated into the languages of Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. But never into the Philippine language. We’ve been using an English manual in the Philippines because the majority of Filipinos can read and write in English. So our material for [...]

The Gangs for God

The last stop of the Palawan journey. This almost didn’t make it. Before the trainings had even begun, we actually placed down “cancelled” for the event as the key person coordinating the training in Puerto Princesa had a conflicting schedule the week before we flew into Palawan. So it was not even included in the [...]

Training No. 2, in Roxas

Palawan, eastern most island of the Philippines is where we just had our most recent trainings, three of them in the span of two weeks. Roxas is a town that is 3 hours travel away by car from the airport of Puerto Princesa but only 30 minutes from where we held our first Palawan training [...]

Links 10

Pieces of information for the puzzle that is youth ministry. Asia Youth 2009 – a slideshow on youth and social media (tidbit: only 16.5% of Asia is online but that’s around 660 million people) Doug Field’s letter to Saddleback – It’s the beauty of relationship that makes this resignation letter great and personal to me [...]

The Best Unique Training Yet…

One thing that usually makes me cry is whenever God moves me out from my comfort zone and takes me to a place where I could witness how much He could do through an unqualified person like me. I don’t like insects, much more if they would bite me. Scoliosis gives me pain whenever I [...]

GYMN-Asia Update

I just got back into Manila from Palawan last Friday after a series of trainings. Rain was already falling non-stop from the airport until I reached home . On Saturday, the rains became a major storm, local name Ondoy, (which also happens to be the nickname of one of our trainers). Since the office was [...]