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Adolescent Development & Youth Ministry (Conclusion)

All these areas of development we have discussed have a direct effect on how an adolescent experiences spiritual transformation—a period when he/she places a “God-filter” in his or her life.  Physical development, for instance, influences the way youth relate to God. G. Stanley Hall once wrote that it is no accident that the age of [...]

Youth Ministry & Spiritual Development of Teens

Wayne Rice’s description of adolescent faith is instructive.1 First, spiritual development in teens includes doubt and disbelief. With their newly acquired ability to think, it should be expected that adolescents will challenge the faith of their childhood. They are also bombarded with different information that complicates their faith-formation. Second, it is personal. Young people experience [...]

Youth Ministry & Emotional Development of Teens

Teenagers can be emotional people. They can laugh uncontrollably during the first part of the youth meeting and then become depressed and resentful in the second half.  Mood swings can be caused by the erratic surge of hormones in their body. Their feelings can be tense as well as unpredictable. Since they are just beginning [...]

Youth Ministry & The Social Development of Teens

It is not unusual for teenagers to shift their interest from parental to peer relations. Sometimes, they go to school not because they enjoy studying but rather they want to be with their friends. Social acceptance is one of the prime indicators of their self-esteem, more important than their cognitive/academic competence. Youth ministers must understand [...]

Youth Ministry & The Intellectual Development of Teens

Adolescents develop the ability to reason more logically, to conceptualize and to think in abstract terms. Youth ministry leaders must be well-informed of this well-established fact because it can greatly help in preparing Bible studies and applying teaching strategies. We must understand the recurring awkwardness in the philosophy of many teenagers because they are just [...]

Youth Ministry & The Physical Development of Teens

More physical changes take place during adolescence than during any other time in life except for the first 18 months. Adolescence starts with the onset of puberty or the stage when somebody becomes capable of sexual reproduction. The Bible declares that the glory of every youth is his strength. Since teens find physical activities irresistible, [...]

An Introduction to Adolescent Development

When American psychologist Granville Stanley Hall, coined in 1904 the phrase “storm and stress” with reference to adolescence, he was well-aware of the changes young people experience and, perhaps, the changing variables youth ministers have to contend with—the teens themselves, the cultures which influence them, their families and friends, among others. To say the least, youth ministers are hitting a “moving target.”

Like Copper Coins

Next week we will bring the GYMN training to a vanishing tribe. We’ve teamed up with Heaven’s Eyes Tribal Mission to train young leaders of the Batak People of Palawan. The Batak are an endangered group. Their culture, their way of life and the number of Batak people dwindle every year. Today there are only [...]

Missions in Mind

“Do you have a missions mindset incorporated in your training programs?” I was recently asked by a fellow youth minister. We are focused on training youth leaders… but missions is the drive. And that’s how it’s been from the start, ever since Chris came back from the Dominican Republic with the thought “Wouldn’t it be [...]

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