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  • alvanman: Some recent findings: Adolescents think carefully about risks most adults wouldn't even consider (see...
  • ptr frank: These are very helpful for youth leaders to understand better where non-christian parents come from when...
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  • alvanman: Article related to this: “Children, argues Justin L. Barrett, are born receptive to the idea that...

Youth Across Asia 2

Where the youth are, as glimpsed on the world wide web. Young Muslims turn to technology to connect, challenge traditions – found via YPulse In South Korea Youth unemployment is at decade-high level & Korean Youth Study Longest Hours in OECD Pakistani Taliban prey on youth to bolster forces – one blog puts the estimated [...]

The Core:Level 2 Training (Day 3)

August 22–the last day of our Level 2 training! With participants eager to complete their training, here’s how the Saturday unfolded:

The Core: Level 2 Training (Day 2)

The Core, a youth leaders’ training continued last Saturday with the participants ready and eager to learn. This training involved much paperwork–individual evaluations, setting of future goals, and discussions were very much a part of the training. Aside from these, there was much to learn, as we went in depth on three subjects. The Internal [...]

The Core: Level 2 Training (Day 1)

Come with me into the GYMN training known as the Level 2. We are currently holding one right now in partnership with the PCEC-National Youth Commission.  And it’s here in Manila at the GYMN Office even. We have spaced out the training through 3 Saturdays and Day 1 of the event started on the fine [...]

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Two Days

It was the shortest GYMN seminar as far as I know. The Cainta, Rizal, Level 1 training was done in two days. I was with two Pastor Reys (Rey and Aboy) in this seminar. I know it’s hard to imagine teaching 13 sessions in just two days (and we don’t recommend it, unless Rey would [...]